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Bem, caros amigos, eu sei que muita gente adoraria ter visto estas fotos antes, mas só agora alguém se lembrou... Pois, a famosa cantora pop, aqui em primeira mão, exlusivo: THE SUN, a provar que ela também tem talento para umas "caseiradas" e que foi pena a censura na última foto.. vamos ver o que aparecerá dela na concorrência! Caso para dizer... Good girl gone horny...

I love you, Robyn ... message on mirror

I love you, Robyn ... message on mirror

JUST a day after fellow R'n'B starlet CASSIE fell foul of internet hackers, RIHANNA has become embroiled in a nude photo scandal.

Obscured ... nude woman in pics
Obscured ... nude woman in pics
A collection of six photos allegedly showing the singer in the nude have been leaked on the net.
However, out of the batch, only two actually show her face.
The others show a woman's naked body, and backside, but her face is obscured from view.

Raunchy ... pic of woman's backside
Raunchy ... pic of
woman's backside
One of the photos shows a message written on a mirror which appears to say 'I love you, Robyn. I miss you' - Robyn is Rihanna's legal first name.
And in the reflection a woman who bears a striking resemblance to the singer has taken the picture.

In one of the other photos from the set, Rihanna's ex CHRIS BROWN is seen with a pair of pink knickers on his head.
The scandal comes as Brown faces felony charges relating to an alleged assault on Rihanna earlier this year.
She suffered cuts and bruising to her face and alleged bite marks to her arm during the vicious attack which shocked fans around the world.
Not long after the attack the couple were seen on holiday together, however they have since gone their separate ways.

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